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Chopin's Birthday Concert 2023

Koncert z okazji urodzin Chopina 2023

19 Feb 2023

This birthday concert celebrates Chopin with a special gift of a newly commissioned work by the Friends of Chopin Australia from Penelope Thwaites.


Chopin Vive

Chopin Vive

19 Nov 2022

This concert celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Poland, 1972-2022.


Chopin’s Birthday Concert 2021

Koncert z okazji urodzin Chopina 2021

18 Mar 2021

This birthday concert program featured a selection of Mazurkas and all four of Chopin’s Ballades.


Heart of Poland

Serce Polski

29 Nov 2019

A concert commemorating the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in Poland and its Nazi occupation through the music and heart of Chopin.


Summers in Nohant

Lata w Nohant

24 Aug 2019

Kotaro Nagano presented an intimate look at the masterpieces of Chopin composed during his seven summers and autumns in Nohant, 1839-1846


Chopin’s Birthday Celebration 2019

Obchody urodzin Chopina 2019

21 Feb 2019

This birthday concert celebrated the joy of life in folk music as a musical gift to Chopin.


Chopin in the Garden

Chopin w ogrodzie

12 Jan 2019

Taking inspiration from the open air recitals in Warsaw, Paris and Żelazowa Wola, Łukasz Krupiński performs for an alfresco audience in a Canberra private garden.


Chopin Among the ANZACs

Chopin posród żołnierzy ANZAC-u (Korpus armii Australii i Nowej Zelandii)

3 Oct 2018

The culmination of a research project begun in 2015 by Wanda Horky was this special concert event held at All Saints Ainslie.


Alexander Yau in Concert

Koncert Alexandra Yau

12 Apr 2018

The Friends presented Alexander Yau in concert at St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane. Alexander received the Sonata/Preludes Prize for his performance of the complete set of Chopin Preludes in the 3rd Australian International Chopin Piano Competition.


Chopin’s Birthday Celebration 2018

Obchody urodzin Chopina 2018

1 Mar 2018

Kotaro Nagano programmed a recital in two halves. The first half celebrated music composed in Chopin’s birth year 1810. The second half celebrated the genius of Chopin and the sound of the Pleyel piano.




10 Sept 2017

The 3rd Australian International Chopin Piano Competition was held in Australia from 10-17 September 2017.


Dinner with Monsieur Chopin

Obiad z Monsieur Chopinem – polska nostalgia

12 Aug 2017

A fundraising dinner for the 3rd Australian International Chopin Piano Competition 2017 exploring Polish food and recipes from George Sand.


Finding the Chopin Style: Part II - 1841 to 1849

W poszukiwaniu stylu Chopina, część II, 1841-1849

20 July 2017

Kotaro Nagano programmed a continuation of the development of Chopin’s style from 1841 to 1849, and the emergence of the unmistakable ‘Chopin sound’


Łukasz Krupiński in Recital: The Ties that Bind

Recital Łukasza Krupińskiego: Więzy, które mocno łączą

1 June 2017

Łukasz Krupiński performed a program of work of Bach, Mozart, Ravel, and Chopin, illustrating a thread of influence between all four composers.


Back to the Future

Powrót do przyszłości – Muzyka współczesna i Chopin jako eksperymentalny kompozytor

10 Nov 2016

A program exploring the idea that all music is “contemporary” when it is written if it challenges the expectations of the audience and innovates in its use of harmony, structure, and tonality.


From Harpsichord to Piano

Od klawesynu do fortepianu

27 Aug 2016

A recital at the Australian National University (ANU) School of Music showing the development of the keyboard from harpsichord to the modern Steinway.


Finding the Chopin Style: Part I - to 1839

W poszukiwaniu stylu Chopina, część II, do roku 1839

25 Aug 2016

Kotaro Nagano explored the style of the early Chopin in this program.


Chopin and Friends

Chopin i jego przyjaciele

14 May 2016

Konrad Olszewski performed a recital of Chopin, music that Chopin admired, music from his intimate circle of friends, and from later composers inspired and influenced by Chopin.


My Journey to find the Heart of Chopin

Serce Chopina

13 May 2016

A public lecture from Dr Steven Lagerberg, retired physician, author, on his ten-year quest to research the cause of Chopin’s death and to lobby the Polish government at the highest levels to exhume Chopin’s heart to examine it sufficiently to produce a definitive diagnosis. The lecture was accompanied with interludes of Chopin's music by Konrad Olszewski.


A Chopin recital on period instruments

Recital chopinowski na historycznym pianinie

3 May 2015

Kotaro Nagano performed an all Chopin recital at the Australian National University School of Music on the School’s own 1847 Pleyel piano, and the Friends’ 1857 Erard piano.


Dinner with Monsieur Chopin

Obiad z Monsieur Chopinem

16 Aug 2014

A fundraising dinner for the 2nd Australian International Chopin Piano Competition 2014. This dinner explored Chopin as a gourmet with permission to use the research of Dr Wojciech Bońkowski.


Poet of the Piano

Poeta pianina

7 June 2014

An imaginative program of Chopin’s music interwoven with fictional letters between Chopin and George Sand. 


Polish Music Days

Dni muzyki polskiej

23 Aug 2013

Polish Music Days was a project of PianoClassic Association of Cracow, Poland showcasing Poland’s composers from the 19th century to the contemporary.


The Masters of the Piano – Chopin and Mussorgsky

Mistrzowie fortepianu – Chopin i Musorgski

5 July 2013

Visiting pianist Dr Krystian Tkaczewski performed Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ and a selection of Chopin’s works at the Polish Embassy in Canberra.


The Unique Chopin

Niezwykły Chopin

13 Sept 2011

Dr Edward Neeman performed the complete Etudes Op. 10 and Op. 25 of Chopin in recital at the Polish Embassy in Canberra.

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