The FRIENDS OF CHOPIN AUSTRALIA is a national not for profit association located in Canberra, Australia dedicated to exploring and promoting the composer Fryderyk Chopin, his music, and its role in Australia's musical life.



Promoting the music of Fryderyk Chopin in Australia through performance, research and public engagement.


  • To promote and conduct the Australian International Chopin Piano Competitionin Canberra.

  • To promote knowledge and appreciation of the music of Fryderyk Chopin in Australia.

  • To promote artistic and scholarly activities related to Fryderyk Chopin in Australia

  • To create opportunities for young musicians nationally and internationally relating to Fryderyk Chopin

  • To create conditions for Australians of all multicultural backgrounds to actively participate in themusical and cultural life of Australia through the music of Fryderyk Chopin

  • To establish partnerships relating to Chopin in Australia and abroad


To achieve its objectives, the Friends of Chopin Australia will:

  • Organise concerts, lectures, seminars, conferences, readins, festivals, and exhibitions

  • Organise performance and non-performance activities for children and youth

  • Initiate and foster international exchanges of artists, musicians and scholars

  • Participate in external musical events relating to Fryderyk Chopin

  • Disseminate information on Australian Chopin activities abroad

  • Disseminate information on overseas Chopin activities in Australia

Meet The Committee

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Rosanna Horn

Committee Member

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Lydia Nichols

Committee Member

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Wojciech Horky

Committee Member

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Ben James


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Wanda Horky


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Barbara Alwast


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Dorota Janiszewska




The Friends of Chopin Australia was formed in 2011 under the name 'Friends of the International Chopin Competition of Australia' with the sole responsibility of assisting the Australian National University and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Canberra with the staging of the competition.


In 2012, the Friends incorporated and changed its name to the Friends of Chopin Australia Incorporated and widened its remit to include a broader scope of activites relating to Chopin and a more active partnership role in planning and managing the Australian International Chopin Piano Competition.


In 2014 the Friends of Chopin Australia were recognised as a significant Australian cultural organisation and admitted to the Australian Register of Cultural Organisations administerd by the Ministry of Arts. This enabled Deductible Gift Recipient Status for the Friends of Chopin Australia allowing donations to the Friends to become Tax Deductible.


In 2015, the Friends of Chopin Australia were accepted as members into the International Federation of Chopin Societies. It is currently the only Australian member organisation, though there have in the past been Chopin societies in Sydney and Melbourne who were members.



Chopin's signature in the southern cross. The signature is black. Its position is between the second and third left stars. The southern cross is the official logo of the Friends of Chopin Australia Incorporated. 


The Southern Cross was chosen because it is on Australia's flag. It symbolizes Australia and is immediately recognisable as such. The combination represents Chopin in Australia's musical life



Wattle, violets and lyre. Wattle is Australia's floral emblem. Violets were Chopin' favourite flower, ever present in his rooms. The two symbolise the Australian and Polish/French connection. The lyre is traditionally considered the symbol of music.

Chopin's music manuscript: An excerpt from the 'Heroic' polonaise, Op. 53.


The Friends' activities are referred to as soirees and are grouped around the below themes. If you'd like to plan or host an event, please contact a committee member to discuss your ideas.

Soiree Recitals

Recitals organised for members, their guests, and the public. Our Notable Members and other pianists are invited to perform and explore various aspects of Chopin's music. Venues include the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Canberra and the Australian National University School of Music.


Soiree Academia

These range from lectures, members' talks, Notable's teaching recitals or other similar types of event that relate to some aspect of Chopin, his music and performance, or the reception of Chopin's music in Australia.

Soiree Anniversaries

These are around various anniversaries of Chopin or the Friends.

  • 1 March - Chopin's birthday. A celebration of the composer. This is often the opening event of the year for the Friends.

  • 17 October - Chopin's death. Chopin remembered and revealed

  • 5 November - Annual General Meeting. This is often the closing event of the year

Past Events

  • Dinner with Monsieur Chopin: A dinner event featuring some of Chopin's favourite meals, with narration, trivia and music.</li>

  • Chopin - A Longing Heart: A musical exploration interspersed with letters of a Polish emigre's life in Paris during the 1830s and 1840s and his longing for his homeland. A recreation in costume, recited in English with piano and vocal works of Chopin. A Polish Arts and Craft Society in Canberra production with kind permission from Eta Rogoyska.

  • Lucrezia Floriana - Sand and Chopin, the end of a love affair: A book reading with a difference looking at Sand's novel as one catalyst which ended the love affair between Sand and Chopin. A wine and cheese evening in a surprise setting.

  • Chopin Fantaisie Ball: Concert by Monsieur Chopin followed by dinner and dancing. Guests in costume with prizes for the best dressed Chopin, Sand, Delacroix, Pleyel et al.

We would like to include the following types of event in the future:


Soiree Club

A Chopin Appreciation Club which meets informally periodically to discuss a book, article, film, CD, review et al on any aspect of Chopin or his music, over coffee. It is an opportunity for members to contribute their knowledge, experience or travels with other members of the Friends. The object of discussion can either come from the Friends library or if there is sufficient interest then it can be purchased for the library. Venue will either be at a member's home, or other comfortable setting like a cafe.</p>


Soiree Frycek

These are activities for children aged up to 10 years. Chopin was known as Frycek to his family when he was a boy.


Becoming a subscriber of the Friends of Chopin Australia confers a number of benefits, including:

  • discount to recitals

  • members only events, such as meeting the performers

  • advance notice of recitals and other events

  • a members only section of the website that contains additional articles, videos, blogs and other features

  • priority purchasing and seating

There are three types of subscription: Salon, Notable and Honorary:

  • Salon: Open to all. 

  • Notable: By invitation, and is reserved for notable pianists and musicians.

  • Honorary: By invitation, and is reserved for academics and other leaders in their fields of the arts, administration or business. They provide advice, promotion and lobbying for the Friends where necessary.

The fee schedule for the Friends of Chopin Australia Salon subscription is set out below:


• Individual subscriber: $20 p/a

• Family subscription: $40 p/a

• Student (full-time, under 25 years) / pensioner subscription: $10 p/a

• International subscriber (resident outside Australia): $15 p/a


We are also introducing new categories of subscription as set out below:


• Benefactor: $250

• Sponsor: $150

• Corporate (for companies): $250

• Sustaining: $100


On 4 July 2015 the Australian Ministry of Arts confirmed that the Friends of Chopin Australia Incorporated had met the requirements for inclusion on the Register of Cultural Organisations.


As a result, on 11 July 2015, the Australian Taxation Office notified the Friends of Chopin Australia that it had been granted Deductible Gift Recipient Status under Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, through the Friends of Chopin Australia Fund, as listed in 12.1.1 public fund on the register of cultural organisations, under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


As such, under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, donations of $2 or more made into the Friends of Chopin Australia Fund are tax deductible for Australian taxation purposes.

Donations to the Fund can be made online or in person to a Friends committee member.




For more about ROCO, visit the Ministry of Arts website: http://arts.gov.au/roco

To see the Friends listing on the Register visit: www.arts.gov.au/documents/register-cultural-organisations-roco


AFFILIATES are our valued partners who have a special relationship with the Friends through bestowing, membership, or volunteering. They are committed organisations and individuals who also promote and lobby on our behalf.


They are given  privileges, logo placements and acknowledgements on our promotional materials and website.


There are three categories of affiliates, Circle Fontana (individuals or organisations providing structural support), Circle Lambert (organisations) and Circle Czartoryski (individuals).


If you would like to become an affiliate of the Friends of Chopin Australia, please contact the committee using the following form:

Thanks! Message sent.



The Friends of Chopin Australia is run by professionals who volunteer their time in various capacities according to the needs of the organisation or the events being held.


We are currently seeking anybody with an interest or skills in fundraising, particularly in regards to managing grant applications. We are also looking for people with web design or development skills, and people with promotional or event management skills.


If your interests are more academically inclined and would be interested in assisting with the Friends research activities, please let us know. Take a look at our Research page to see our current activities.


If you are not in Canberra, we would still like to hear from you. Particularly if you are interested in holding events under the Friends banner in your city.


Otherwise, if you would like to be involved in helping the Friends with their events in Canberra (catering, ticketing, greeting, setting up, advertising or promotion) we would love to hear from you.


Please use the below form to let us know you are interested.

Thanks! Message sent.

"Music was his language, the divine tongue through which he expressed a realm of sentiments..."
(Franz Liszt, "Revue et Gazette Musicale de Paris", May 2, 1841)

3 July 1854 – First advertisement of a recital of a Chopin work in Sydney. Pianist is Monsieur Edward Boulanger, advertised as a pupil of Chopin's

(Sydney Morning Herald)