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The Australian International Chopin Piano Competition (AICPC) was established in 2010, as a part of the Chopin Bicententenniel Celebrations, and as a joint venture between the Australian National University School of Music and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Canberra. The AICPC was conceived to include a composition competition (young Australian composers asked to produce a new and innovative work for solo piano based on a nominated theme or work of Chopin's) the winner of which being included in the repertoire of the AICPC, as well as various public events to explore the life and music of Fryderyk Chopin more fully.

The Friends of Chopin Australia became a partner in the AICPC prior to its second edition in 2014, and the AICPC is now run as a tripartite endeavour between the Australian National University, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, and the Friends of Chopin Australia. 



The first edition of the Australian International Chopin Piano Competition (AICPC) was held 1-8 May 2011. There was an international jury and competitors from Australia, Asia, and Poland. The opening recital was given by renowned pianist and Chopinist Janusz Olejniczack from Poland.

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