Competition 2014

The AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL CHOPIN PIANO COMPETITION, CANBERRA, ACT, AUSTRALIA is organised by the ANU School of Music in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Australia and the Friends of Chopin Australia Inc.

It is an international competition with a difference returning to the poetic lyricism of Chopin’s own time. To play Chopin as he would have played it - and on a Pleyel (1847) – Chopin’s preferred pianoforte.

Competition 2014 confirmed

The second edition of the Australian International Chopin Piano Competition will be held in 2014 from 15-21 September. This will coincide with Floriade.

This announcement also appears on the Chopin Competition website.

This is an important part of the Friends’ activities. Money raised is through philanthropy, sponsorship, recitals and other events with the proceeds going towards a Friends Prize, gifts, Friends launches, prize winner’s recitals.

Conditions for giving are encouraged and should be discussed with the National President. Privileges such as free season passes, invitations to launches and recitals are given for larger donations, etc. All money raised is acknowledged on our website, in Nohant news and in some instances in the printed Competition program.


If you would like to donate you can do this by:

Your donation can be general or something specific like a prize. Please discuss with the National Treasurer.

These can be either in-kind or monetary and should be discussed with the National President.

In-kind support can include catering [launches, baskets of food, beverages incl. tea/coffee/milk, alcohol, sandwiches], printing, gifts [competitors, jury], stationary, floral arrangements [competitors, venues], mobile phones, etc.

Monetary can include various prize monies, or funding part of the prize winner’s recital of various capital cities in Australia including airfares, accommodation, artist’s fees; those mentioned under in-kind support.

Running the Competition
The Friends is is partnered with the ANU School of Music and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Canberra to help realise each edition of the competition. This can include activities such as:

Adult competitors are billeted for the entire week with a family or person. A tuned piano in the home isn’t a necessity but preferable as competitors are given rehearsal pianos at the School. It is the billeter’s responsibility to feed, mentor and transport the competitor to and from the Competition including airport, etc. pickups and set downs.

Billeting families have said this is a wonderful way of getting to know the competitors, how they interpret Chopin during their rehearsals – and all from the comfort of your lounge room!

Billeters are given free entry to all events during the Competition as well as other privileges at Friends events. This is to thank them for their generosity & effort.

Information Desk
An Information Desk operates throughout the event for competitors, jury, visitors and the public directing and taking enquiries. Volunteers are rostered throughout the day and night, which requires a large number of people. A second Information Desk is set up for the Chopin Conference if this is in another part of the ANU campus.

Competitor Support
The Competition can be a stressful environment for the competitors particularly the younger ones. Care and support is provided by the Friends.

Chopin Festival
This is a program of events for the public, running concurrently with the Competition and includes film screenings, lectures, book readings, children’s activities, etc. The Friends and the ANU School of Music jointly organize this Festival which is held in the School building.

Prize-winner’s recital of capital cities in Australia
The first prize-winner tours some capital cities of Australia including Sydney and Melbourne. The Friends are sometimes able to assist with this activty.

If you are interested in being involved in any of these activities please contact the National Secretary.

Accommodation during the Competition
The Friends do not advise on or provide accommodation for visitors. Most Competition events take place on the ANU Campus in the School of Music Building 100, Baldessini Precinct, cornersof Ellery Crescent, University Avenue and Childers Street. The Chopin Conference has yet to be decided.

1886 or 1887 - The Australian, Miss Florence Meyer gives a concert at Salle Pleyel, Paris of the major works of Chopin, Liszt and Schumann
(The West Australian)


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